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What should you look for in a roofing contractor? How do you know which roofing material is the best option for your home or business? A roofing project can be a big investment so you should educate yourself before making a decision. Read up on the latest information in the roofing industry and other roofing topics in our blog.

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Posted by: Clyde Nettles
Dec 22, 2016

Making major repairs or replacing a roof is expensive.  If done incorrectly, you'll spend even more money fixing issues later.  That's why it's important to ask roofing contractors the right questions before hiring them. Here are some suggestions on questions you should ask when deciding which roofing contractor is the right fit for you.

What insurance coverage do you have?

You should only hire a roofing contractor who has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. If the contractor doesn't have worker’s compensation insurance and one of their employees happens to get hurt working on your roof, you may be held responsible for paying their medical bills. If the contractor does not have liability insurance and they damage your house during the process of working on your roof, you may be responsible for any associated repair costs. Not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover these types of accidents.

Are you licensed by the city or state?

Find out whether your city requires specific licensure for contractors. Then check with your local licensing office and see if the contractor is licensed. It is also important to make sure the contractor in question is licensed within your state.

Can you provide me with homeowner references?

Past customers may not want their personal information shared, so it may be difficult to get references. However, the contractor should be able to provide you with the locations of previous roofing jobs that you can drive by and view.

What kind of warranty do you offer for your roofing work?

There are two types of warranties you should ask about: the work and the materials. The roofer guarantees the work, and the manufacturer generally guarantees the materials used.  Ask the contractor what is covered by each warranty and how long each warranty lasts.

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