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Things You Should Know About Insurance Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Posted by: Clyde Nettles
Oct 20, 2016

Pretty much every major aspect of your life is covered by insurance: home, vehicles, health, life, and more. Likewise, your roofing contractor should be thoroughly covered as well. The contractor's insurance will cover his or her employees while they are working on your home and thereby reduce or eliminate your liability should there be any accidents. What kind of insurance should you look for when hiring a contractor?

Roofing Contractors: Proof of Insurance

A potential roofing contractor should be able to provide proof of insurance to you prior to ever beginning a job. The company you hire for a job should have general liability as well as workers’ compensation insurance.

General liability insurance protects you financially against any mistakes made by the contractor that result in damage to your home or property.

Workers compensation insurance protects the company's employees in case of an accident while working on your property. Because of the nature of roofing work, this occupation is often prone to accidents. Workers compensation insurance covers the employees' medical bills if they are injured on the job. Without it, you may become liable for the worker's medical bills and any other costs associated with an injury sustained while working on your property.

Why Should You Ask for Proof of Insurance?

Even if the contractor assures you that their company is fully covered, should you insist on seeing a certificate of insurance? Absolutely. A reputable contractor will not be offended or reluctant to provide you with proof of insurance before starting a job on your home. You should also ask for proof of insurance for any subcontractors the company uses. Your homeowner's insurance may not cover you in the event of an accident, so ensuring that your contractor is covered is extremely important.

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