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What to do Before and After a Storm to Protect Your Roof

Posted by: Clyde Nettles
Jan 26, 2017

A storm is approaching--What should you do to keep your home’s roof protected? And, should that storm come through and do damage, what should you do to get things cleaned up and secure again?

Preventing Roof Damage from Storms

Prevention is always better than repairs. Proper maintenance can significantly reduce the amount of damage to your home.

  • Have an annual roofing inspection by a licensed professional. This ensures your roof will be in the best condition possible.
  • Replace any missing or loose shingles as soon as possible.
  • Keep tree limbs away from the roof. This can prevent most damage.
  • Check the flashing and gutters to ensure they are in good condition and sealed properly.
  • Visually inspect the interior of your attic to ensure no water damage is evident.

Even in the best cases, prevention can only minimize the potential damage caused by an intense storm. Being proactive after a storm is always important.

Handling Storm Damage

No matter how intense a storm is, visually inspect your roof as soon as it is safe to do so. Look for signs of missing shingles, loose tiles or holes. Monitor for any signs of leaks or moisture buildup in the days after the storm. When significant damage occurs, such as from wind, hail or tree limbs, call in the professionals.

Work with a roofing company that will handle roof inspections for you before you call your insurance company. A written estimate can help you understand if you need repairs or replacement. Don’t delay in getting help.

As a trusted and experienced roofing company in Columbia, South Carolina, you can depend on Clyde Nettles for help after the storm. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or to learn more about getting storm damage help.


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