Roofing Estimates

When you're getting ready to put on a new roof, getting a few roofing estimates is vital to knowing whether your budget is sound and whether you have additional room to upgrade to better quality roofing materials.

But what happens during the estimate process, why is it important to have a professional estimate completed on your project and how do roofing estimates affect your insurance claims when you've had damage to your home? With over 65 years of experience in the industry, we've helped many homeowners and business owners through the process of getting a professional roofing estimate.

The Process of Getting a Roofing Estimate

Before you sign a contract with any roofing company, make sure you get an estimate in writing. These estimates should have details on:

  • What exactly will be done
  • What materials are being used, including brand and warranty
  • A rough estimate of timeframe to get the project done
  • What kind of warranty they offer on the labor side of the project

By having this information on hand, you can quickly determine whether a company is cutting corners by using cheap materials, whether they'll suddenly become much harder to contact once they have your money, or if they'll take care of any problems down the road.

Why It's Important to Have a Professional Estimate

By getting a written professional estimate, you now have a legal document on what the roofing company will do to complete your project. This means that you have some protection against the price going above a particular amount. Though some damage and required repairs may be difficult to predict before opening a roof envelope or wall cavity, a professional estimate will protect you against a sudden claim that materials, labor or other incidentals have suddenly doubled your project's cost.

How Roofing Estimates Can Affect Your Insurance Claim

By having a professional roofing estimate completed, it gives you proof of the work that is required to return your home back to its original state. After a major storm sweeps through an area, contractors will often sweep in offering low estimates but will do minimal work to repair your home. Always make sure that you're dealing with a quality contractor who can provide long-term service on the work they've completed.

Though it may sound counterintuitive to say that price is one of the last considerations in your decision process, considerations such as the quality of the materials quoted, the experience and expertise of the contractor and the warranty on labor and materials are always more important. Contractors who use inferior quality materials, who waste material because they're not familiar with particular aspects of your installation or won't back up their work are far more likely to cost you much more than the original quote.

At Clyde Nettles Roofing and Painting, we've served the area with highly-skilled roofers, high-quality installations and solid guarantees for over 65 years and are happy to help with your roofing project. Insurance companies know that when they receive an estimate from Clyde Nettles, it is an honest and reliable quote for their client. Please contact us today for a free estimate on your roofing project and see what professional quality roofing really looks like.


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