Roofing Inspections

roof inspection

We offer comprehensive roofing inspections to assist individuals when buying or selling their home. As one of the most important elements of this process, knowing what the inspection will entail can provide the insight and information you need to move forward.

Why is a Roof Inspection Important?

Getting a roof inspection gives the buyer or seller an advantage if issues are found. For the buyer, this could assist in acquiring the property at a cheaper price, and for the seller, it can give an idea of where to start pricing the home if they do not want to get the damages repaired.

What Does a Professional Roof Inspection Entail?

There are a number of components involved in a roof inspection. A thorough roof inspection includes a full interior and exterior inspection. If any issues are found, we provide a detailed listing and written estimate of the costs associated with fixing the problems.

As roofing professionals, we specifically look for:

  • Leaks - Water damage on the ceiling usually indicates there is some type of leak on the roof or the water is not properly draining. This could mean that some shingles are loose or have fallen off, or the gutters are clogged, preventing drainage.
  • Structural damage - If neglected, structural damage can cause additional home problems. We look for any signs of sagging and unusual pockets of natural light to determine how extensive the problem really is.
  • Mold or Rot - Mold or rot can occur if water has been consistently affecting your wood rafters. We check for any marks from water damage or dark spots with any trails.
  • Improper flashing - We inspect the leak barrier, which should be at least 3 feet. These barriers are used to keep out ice and water.
  • Deterioration of shingles - We look for any rotting shingles or shingles that are curling, missing, buckling or loose on the roof. There are shingles that also may have algae growth, which should be addressed.
  • Gutters - Over time, shingles start deteriorating. It is not uncommon to find shingle granules accumulate over time. If your gutters have excessive granules in them, this is a clear indication that your shingles may need to be replaced.

Working with experienced professionals in getting a detailed roof inspection is one of the best things you can do. With a stellar reputation for over 65 years, we have serviced South Carolina with pride. For a detailed assessment and superior roofing inspections, contact an associate at Clyde Nettles to request an appointment today!


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